13-card rummy game is a highly popular rummy game in India. Even when it comes to online cash rummy games, 13-card rummy is widely played in India. Online rummy apps and websites feature 7 card rummy, 13-card rummy and other types of rummy games. However, 13-card rummy is the most popular mainly because simple rules make it easy to learn. 

Almost all online rummy game platforms have 13 card rummy. Cash games and tournaments of 13-card rummy run round the clock on such apps and websites. If you are a beginner wanting to play 13-card cash rummy games, you must first know the rules and objectives of 13-card rummy.

Rules of Playing 13-Card Rummy

In 13-card rummy, each player is dealt 13 cards. The number of players who can play a 13-card rummy game at a time range between 2-5. For 2-4 players, 2 decks of cards with each deck consisting of 52 cards and 4 joker cards are used. In the case of 5 players, 3 decks with each deck containing 52 cards and 6 joker cards are used. 

Rules of Playing 13-Card Rummy

In 13 card rummy, the cards are ranked from high to low in the order A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2. The value of face cards and aces is 10 points.

13 cards are dealt with each player. After each player gets 13 cards, the cards remain to face down on the table. This is called the closed pile. At the beginning of the game, the top card from the closed pile is picked up and placed face-up on the table to commence the open deck. 

There are two types of joker cards, printed joker and wild joker. Joker is a substitute for missing cards in sets or sequences. 

The players need to sort the cards after dealing. Sorting helps in determining potential combinations. Sort button is present on an online rummy platform. All you need to do is click on the sort button.

You need to draw a card from either the open or closed deck. The card to be discarded must be placed on the open deck. A card can be discarded by either dragging and dropping it on the open deck or clicking on the discard button depending upon the kind of online platform you are playing the game on.

Once the required combinations are achieved, you must discard your 14th card to the finish slot to declare your hand. The gaming software automatically checks your combinations to determine whether your declaration is valid. 

You can quit a game by using the drop button. This is useful when you have bad cards and are likely to lose.

Objectives of 13-Card Rummy

Pure sequence is formed when 3 or more consecutive cards are of the same suit. The impure sequence combines cards in which a printed or wild joker is used to complete the sequence. The joker card replaces a card required to form the sequence.

Set is a combination of 3 or more cards of the same face value but differing in suits. If a set of 3 or more cards feature 2 or more cards of the same face value and suit, it is called an invalid set.

To win a 13-card rummy game, it is mandatory to have a minimum of 2 sequences, of which at least one sequence must be a pure sequence. The second sequence must have a minimum of 4 cards. The remaining cards can either be in sets or sequences. 

Thus, a valid declaration is made when all the 13 cards are arranged in sets and sequences, and there is at least one pure sequence. The second sequence can be pure or impure but must have at least 4 cards. 

A declaration is invalid under the following conditions.

  • Invalid set present in the 13-card arrangement 
  • Absence of sequence in the 13-card arrangement   
  • The second sequence, pure or impure, is absent 
  • Second sequence, pure or impure, has less than 4 cards

Calculation of Points in 13-Card Rummy

The player declaring a valid hand wins the game and gets 0 points. The remaining players get points based on deadwood in their possessions. Deadwood means the cards which are not a part of any combination. The points of the losing players are calculated by adding up the values of cards held by them which are not in sets or sequences.

The maximum negative points a defeated player can get in 13-card rummy is 80. The drop option is present on any online rummy gaming platform to avoid losing huge points. If fit drops at the beginning of the game, you get 20 points. If you drop in the middle of the game, you get 40 points.

Variants of 13-Card Rummy

Variants of 13-card rummy games are points rummy, deals rummy and pool rummy.

Points rummy is a single-deal 13-card rummy. In real money rummy games of this variant, each point has a cash value determined beforehand.

Deals rummy is a variant of 13-card rummy played for a fixed number of deals. The winner of a deal gets zero points.

Pool rummy is the longest variant of 13-card rummy. Players reaching 101 points or 201 points in 101 or 201 pool rummy are eliminated. The player remaining alone after all the players are eliminated is the winner.

Which is The Best Platform To Play 13-Card Rummy?

Magic Rummy is the best app to play 13-card rummy. Variants such as deals, rummy points rummy, and pool rummy can be played on this app. You can also play Rummy tournament such as Knockout tournaments on this app to win cash prizes. Both tournaments without entry fees and cash tournaments are played on this app. League games are also available to win lakhs of rupees.

A welcome bonus of Rs. 510 is provided on signing up. There are many types of deposit bonuses as well.


Download real cash rummy app to play 13-card rummy and win real money. However, it is necessary to first play free practice games before attempting cash games.