Are you tired of playing online rummy games where the only strategy is to cross your fingers and hope for the best? Well, Magic Rummy is here to change the game! Our motto is “khel usulon ka” which translates to “game of principles” because we believe in playing rummy with principles, class, wit, and strategy.   But hold your horses, we’re not your average rummy game. We’re the black sheep of the rummy family. The one that dares to stand out in a sea of identical games. We’re not afraid to mix things up and add a dash of quirkiness to the mix. We’re like the wild child of the rummy world, and we’re proud of it.   Our vision is to be a moral rummy game, hence “Khel Usulon Ka” and that’s not just some fancy phrase we threw in to sound good. We mean it! We want our players to play with principles, integrity, respect for their opponents, and good sportsmanship. We don’t tolerate any shenanigans, and if you’re caught cheating, we’ll make sure you feel the wrath of our virtual scolding.   But enough about morals, let’s talk strategy! We want our players to use their skills, logic, and mind to tackle the game. We believe that online rummy is not just a game, but a game of skill, just like chess but with cards. We want to take rummy to a level where players can show off their brain power and come out on top with a big, brainy smile on their face.   And let’s not forget about class and wit. We want our players to have a good time while playing rummy online, and that means adding a little bit of humor and playfulness to the mix. We want you to feel like you’re playing with great players across India, not just random strangers online.   So, if you’re ready to play rummy with a little bit of pizzazz, come join us at Magic Rummy! We’re the game that’s not afraid to be different, and we promise you’ll have a blast playing with our quirky, witty community, a community with principles. See you at the virtual card table!