I love card games but playing the same card games, again and again, gets boring. Also, I was losing money because of my bad luck, so I felt demoralized, lost patience, and decided to uninstall all the card game apps. 

Things changed when I found a post about Magic T23 on Magic Rummy’s Instagram handle.

Magic T23 claimed to be India’s first innovative real money card game and a skill-based game. I thought I would give it a try and guess what, I found Magic T23 to be the best card game ever! Guys, Play Magic T23 now and download it and you won’t regret it.  

Before you download and play Magic T23, you should know How to play Magic T23. You might wonder, what is T23, How to play T23, don’t worry, I will explain the rules.

Magic T23 , well the name comes from the fact that you have to arrange 8 cards (aanth patte) in the groups of T (3), 2, and 3. T and 2 groups are the same and 3rd group of 3 cards has 1 additional card.

How to play Magic T23: If you know the basics. Download>> Magic T23 now, and more you can learn on the tables. If you want to master Magic T23, you need to pick up a few skills. Kyuki issme skill hai boss.

rules feature

In a single round, each player gets 8 cards. Within 45 seconds, each player must arrange the cards in the best possible manner (I will explain the hand ranking of Magic T23 in the coming blogs). You can play Magic T23 on multiple stakes like Rs 10, Rs 100, Rs 200 or higher. 

Games with more players are more fun and you win some prize. See this video to watch gameplay and learn how to play Magic T23.

Magic T23 is a Game of Skill. Here’s Why ?

A game of skill requires expertise, The probability of you winning a match depends on your ability. While playing Magic T23, you need skills to defeat your opponent. Here’s what makes Magic T23 a Game of skill.

While playing Magic T23, first, you have to memorize the hand rankings, then you need to have a strategy to defeat your opponent. Once you get the 8 cards you have to decide how to arrange it to within 45 seconds, and last but not the least, remember my friend, only you have the control over the outcome. If you are interested in Magic T23, download Magic Rummy and get 2 games in 1 app! Magic Rummy just became more magical

Let me give you another example.

If you see the example below, a more skilled player will arrange the cards like this. This is the best arrangement, why?

stronger hand
  • First for Hand – T, we have Trio of Aces – which is the highest-ranking card in T23
  • Second for Hand – 2, we have Run. Here our chances of winning might be less because a lot of players generally make Suited Run or Trio for 2nd Hand.

      • Third for Hand – 3, we have Suited Run, which has enormous chances of winning.

Now, look at another example, A less skilled player will arrange the cards like this. This is a weaker arrangement, why?

weaker hand

First, we have High cards, then Run and third we have Trio. Here our T and 2 hands are  weak so our chances to win these hands are lower. If we win the third hand, we will get only 60 points out of 180, which is not a great score.

Hence proved, Magic T23 is a game of skill! So, download Magic Rummy application and play Magic T23 too! Use the below offer to get 23% extra cash.

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