Card games are highly popular all over the world. There are many card games with various rules and strategies, such as poker, rummy, blackjack, Baccarat, etc. With the advent of online games, it is now possible to play card games virtually with friends and strangers.

Many card gaming apps and websites not only enable online card games but also offer money to play and win games. Thus, you can even earn money by playing online card games. Many websites and apps feature either a single type of card game or multiple kinds of card games. 

The key is to choose the best card games online to earn money. There are many card gaming apps and websites, but it is necessary to opt only for legit platforms offering real money.

How to Earn Money by Playing Card Games Online?

The first step is to find those card gaming apps and websites offering real money. Money is offered for winning individual matches against other players. Usually, points are awarded, which can be redeemed for cash after passing a certain threshold. Tournaments are also a regular feature of most card gaming platforms. Huge cash prizes are offered for winning tournaments involving many players.

The platforms usually provide welcome bonuses on first sign-ups. The players can deposit money to play more games to earn more money. Payouts are made through PayPal, UPI and other payment gateways.

Which are the Best Online Card Games to Earn Money?

Some of the best card games online to earn money have been discussed here.


Rummy is a 13-card game which is highly popular in the online gaming community. There are many real money rummy apps and websites featuring thousands of players from all over the world competing. The game involves 13 cards distributed equally among the players with a set kept on the table. The players must make sets of the cards by drawing cards from the table. The player making 3-4 seats wins the game.

For example, Magic Rummy is the Best online rummy app to earn money. It has a huge user base of over 10 lakh registered users. Registration is free, and a welcome bonus of Rs. 501 is provided on your first deposit. This app offers multiple kinds of rummy, such as deals rummy, points rummy, 2 jokers, and pool rummy. Both one-on-one games and rummy tournaments can be played on this platform. This is a user-friendly platform providing safe and secure rummy games. Altogether, it offers the best rummy game online for Android and Apple devices.


Poker is also one of the best card games online to earn money. Millions of people widely play it worldwide on a plethora of poker websites and apps. Quick cash games of various amounts, along with tournaments carrying huge cash prizes and involving players from all over the globe, are offered by the poker gaming platforms. Poker is played with a deck of 52 cards, and each game can have 2-14 players. You need to show your best hand out of your 5 cards to win a game.

For example, Spartan Poker is a popular poker app. It provides unlimited opportunities for the players to earn real money. There are many variants of pokers offered by the app. The most popular variant on this app is Texas Holdem Poker

A cash bonus of 210% is given on the first deposit. 10% instant bonus is given to first-timers. You simply need to go to the cashier section and enter your bank details to withdraw money.


Baccarat is a popular casino card game which can be played on a host of online platforms to earn real money. In Baccarat, the hand with 9 or closest to 9 wins the game. There are many variants of Baccarat offered by the online platforms such as Baccarat Banque, EZ Baccarat, Mini-Baccarat, PuntoBanco and more.

For example, Casumo is a popular online casino offering many types of baccarat games to earn money. This is a user-friendly app providing unlimited opportunities to earn real money. The earnings can be withdrawn through a host of channels such as VISA Card, Skrill, EcoPay and AstroPay. A bonus of 150% is provided on depositing at least Rs. 1000. The minimum withdrawal amount is also Rs. 1000.


Blackjack is one of the best card games online to earn money. There is hardly any online casino which does not have blackjack games. The player in a blackjack game aims to score 21 on the first two cards to win. There are multiple blackjack variants available on various online casinos such as Vegas Style, Double Exposure, Double Attack, Spanish 21, Super Fun 21, Black Switch and more.

Take the example of Wild Casino. Wild Casino offers traditional blackjack and fun blackjack variants with different wagering options. Live dealer games in which a real dealer connected by live streaming collects the bets are also offered on this app. 

A welcome bonus of up to $5000 is provided to new players. Bonus up to 250% can also be obtained on the first deposit. There are multiple withdrawal channels for collecting your earnings, such as bank transfers, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.

Joker Wild

Joker Wild is a popular online card game to earn money. The card deck consists of 53 cards in this game, including a joker. Each player is dealt 5 cards. The game is won by getting the best possible card hand. 

For example, Joker Wild- Video Poker is a popular app for playing joker wild. It provides a fast and easy gaming experience and an easy collection of earnings.


Winning online card games depends upon your skills and techniques. Most card game apps provide practice games and tutorials to get a clear understanding of the various card games and learn skills and strategies. Play as many games as possible to increase your chances of earning more money.