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Nothing can replace the fun of playing Rummy with your friends! You can make the Magic Rummy your hub to play the game with your friends!

How It works!

When you open the app, click on the Promoter button. You will see three tabs

  • Friends:  See how well your referring friends tree is growing. More Friends More Benefits.
  • Apply:  Apply your friend’s code here and get Rs 15 Bonus Money + 5 Golden Tickets instantly
  •  Win: Check how much you have earned so far by promoting and win features.

Good things are worth sharing, You can earn Rs 10,000 per friend by sharing your referral code with your friends and family. 

You promote – Your friends and Family join and play – You win Cash. Simple!

Ask your friends to apply your code and earn extra bonus money and golden tickets. Aren’t we all looking for good friends…Just Like You!

You can track how many friends have applied your code, how much cash you have generated! You can also see the other top influencers, just like you. 

Magic Rummy is a nice way to play the game and make friends with new people, Don’t leave your friends behind, so bring your friends in the game and share the fun with your friends!

Don’t worry if your friends don’t know how to play the game you can check out our easy and amazing how to play section and start the game with friends!

When you spread the word it goes a long way! ✌️