The harder the battle the sweeter is the victory that is why we brought you KNOCKOUT TOURNAMENT in 2021 .

Where every shot should be a knockout shot . And let god have mercy upon your enemies in  Magic Rummy’s KNOCKOUT TOURNAMENT because you won’t.

Rules are very simple.

Kick-start – At the start of the game every player will get 2500 coins irrespective of entry-fee amount .

  •       Raise after every round -First round will start with 5 coins per point , next round will be played by 10 coins per point. Then the next round will be played 20 coins per point . Similarly there would be an increase in stake in every next round .
  •       Save your knockout – any stage if a player has lost enough coins and does not have coins to play the next round , the player is removed from the table . For example when you are  playing for 5 coins per point , you must have a minimum of 400 coins remaining to play the round .
  •       Winners Rule – If there are 4 players on the table then there would be a single winner who would get 100 % of the winning prize . And if 5 and more players are on the table then there would be two winners and the first player will get 70% of the winning prize and the second player will get 30% of the winning prize .
  •       In the case where the last two players don’t have enough coins to play then the player who would be having maximum coins will win.

 Let’s get started with the fun, Play Magic Rummy now!