Rakshabandhan is a festival celebrating the bond of love and trust between brothers and sisters. The sacred thread tied by the sisters on the wrists of their brothers symbolises the unique relationship between brothers and sisters and the commitment of the brother to protect his sister. 

Rummy is a popular card game in India. The objective of rummy games is to group the cards into sequences and sets based on ranks and suits. For rummy enthusiasts, the interesting part is the equivalence between various rummy cards and their siblings. The features of each rummy card have similarities with quintessential siblings. Let’s look at some of the cards that share characteristics with your siblings.

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades carries a value of 10 in Rummy. However, it can be used to create sequences with lower-value cards such as 2 and 3 apart from high-value cards such as Kings and Queens. Thus, the nature of this card is dual because it can be used as both high and low-value cards.

Ace of Spades is like your eldest brother. Your eldest sibling has the highest value because of his age and maturity. Consequently, he can easily make his younger siblings follow his wishes like Ace of Spade’s form sequences with lower value cards. On the other hand, your eldest brother can also liaise with your parents and other elders, emulating Ace of Spades’ feature to form high-value card sequences.


Joker is a unique and powerful card that can transforam into any card per requirement. It is very useful to form sets and sequences when you do not have the required cards for the same. The joker card replaces the card required to form a sequence or set. The sequence made using a joker is called an impure sequence. Thus, if you have already formed a pure sequence, you can use the joker to form a second sequence and declare your hand. Joker card also helps reduce your points burden by helping in melding high-value ungrouped cards.

Joker is like the sibling you rely upon to solve your problems. Like the joker enables you to make sets and sequences without a required card, your problem solver sibling protects you from troubles you cannot handle on your own.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of hearts has a value of 10 in Rummy and needs to be grouped into sets or sequences with other high-value cards such as Ace, Jack or King. Since it is a high-value card, it must be either melded early in the game or discarded to prevent a high point burden.

Queen of hearts symbolises a compassionate and caring woman protective towards her loved ones. Your favourite sister has the same effect on your life. She is mindful of your small needs and always ready to defend you. Thus, she is the queen of hearts in your life.

Jack, King, Queen and Ace

Jack, King, Queen and Ace are high-value cards with 10 points each. Thus, they are used to form high-value sets and sequences. 

Jack, King, Queen and Ace are like your best siblings. Like these cards, your best siblings have a high value in your life.


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