Online rummy has gained popularity rapidly in recent years with a massive increase in the user base. Rummy games run round the clock on real money rummy apps, which provide unlimited opportunities to play rummy games anytime, anywhere and win money. 

Apart from individual tables featuring a few players, tournaments are also hosted all the time on rummy sites. For instance, Magic Rummy is a real cash rummy app featuring both free and cash rummy tournaments carrying cash prizes up for grabs.

What Is Rummy Tournament?

Rummy tournament is played between a large number of players at multiple tables. Unlike a conventional rummy game, a tournament involves more than 2-6 players at many tables instead of one. Multiple rounds of rummy are played with some players getting eliminated at each round and the rest proceeding to the next round. The tournament continues till the last round is played.

The players must register for a particular rummy tournament and reserve a seat beforehand to play.

What Are The Types Of Rummy Tournaments?

As the name suggests, free tournaments do not require you to pay any entry fee or put money at stake but carry attractive cash prizes. You must register for a free rummy tournament and secure your table. The seats are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. Free tournaments enable you to win online cash without paying anything. For example, Magic Rummy is a popular cash rummy apk offering free roll tournaments carrying as much as Rs. 10,000/- and more cash prizes. Free tournaments run at fixed intervals. Thus, it is important to keep track and register immediately because limited seats get filled up quickly.

Cash tournaments require you to pay a certain amount to participate. The cash prize depends upon the amount contributed by the players and the number of participants. Thus, you need to invest money to play a cash tournament. Cash tournaments run either daily or every week.

Leagues are the biggest among the tournaments running for a month. The players keep getting eliminated weekly until the finalists play the final round at the end of the month. Leagues carry the highest cash prizes. For instance, the leagues in Magic Rummy offer as much as Rs. 50,000/- cash prizes.

How To Win Cash In Free Tournaments?

First of all you need to Download real cash rummy app offering free tournaments. The best option is Magic Rummy featuring free roll tournaments carrying high cash prizes. There is no need to deposit money to play free tournaments; all you need to do is register for a free tournament. To earn cash, you need to win free tournaments.

It is necessary to get adequate practice before attempting free tournaments. There are free rummy games across formats in a good rummy app such as Magic Rummy. Play as many free games as possible to get well versed with rummy and learn skills and strategies. Trying all types of rummy enables you to identify your niche rummy game. 

Select the rummy variant you are most comfortable playing and look for free rummy tournaments of that variant. This helps in maximising your chances of winning and earning cash. 

Playing free rummy tournaments against experienced players enables you to learn new skill sets and strategies without putting your money at stake. There is no money to lose even if you are defeated, but the learning experience helps you in improving your chances of winning the tournaments.


If you want to earn money from free rummy tournaments, download the Real money rummy app and register for a free tournament. However, getting well conversant with various types of rummy before playing the tournaments is better.