Gaming apps enabling you to rake in cash have taken money-making opportunities to your fingertips through smartphones. Supplementing your income with money earned from playing online games is possible now with the advent of multiple gaming apps. Thus, you can easily reach your financial goals by earning extra money by playing games on your smartphone.

There are a plethora of android games to earn real money for Android users. These games are available at the Google Play Store or Apple App store, ready for download. There is no dearth of options for Android games providing the opportunity to earn real money. However, it is necessary to opt for only those legit gaming apps with good reviews.

Some of the best android games to earn real money carrying positive reviews and a reputation for providing real money have been listed here.

Dominos Gold to Win Real Cash Prizes

Dominos Gold has an average rating of 4.7/5 in the Play Store and is one of the most suitable android games to earn real money. Dominos is a classic card game, and this app provides you with the opportunity to play this game to earn real money.

Play against the computer and challenge opponents to defeat the computer by bigger margins. The fast-paced domino games are played in real-time. You are required to secure the best score within a fixed time limit. The player who defeats the computer by a bigger margin wins a cash prize. 

There are daily domino tournaments which provide the opportunity to earn real-world prizes. Competing in daily tournaments increases the chances of winning real-world prizes.

Payouts are made through PayPal. Download from the Google Play Store for your Android device.

Magic Rummy to Monetise Your Rummy Skills

Magic Rummy is the Best online rummy app available for download on your android device. There are multiple rummy games, such as Magic T23, Deals Rummy, Pools Rummy, 2 Jokers and more, available on this app offering real money. There is no limit on the number of games you can play—the games run round the clock on this app. Thus, you are free to play as many games as possible throughout the day. 

You can also participate in the Rummy tournament and earn unlimited real-world money. This app is available in both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Unlimited opportunities to earn money through cash games and tournaments make this the best rummy game online. 

The Big-Time for Lucky Draw Cash Prizes

The Big-Time is one of the most popular android games to earn real money. Cash prize draws held daily provide the opportunity to earn real money. To participate in a cash prize draw, you need a minimum of 1 ticket. Tickets are earned by playing the games present on the app. 

To increase your chances of winning the cash prize draws, earn as many tickets as possible by playing a lot of games. Even if you cannot win any cash prize draw, you can monetise the tickets you have earned. The rate for 10k tickets is Rs. 7. It is possible to win 100k tickets in a day. Thus, you can win at least Rs. 77 per day by playing a lot of games even if you don’t win the cash prize draw.

As you reach Rs. 770 in your earnings, you can cash it through PayPal. 

The minimum amount required to withdraw the earnings is Rs. 100, while the maximum amount allowed is Rs. 50,000. The earnings are stored in the Paytm wallet. 

Bulb Smash: A Fun Game to Earn Money

Bulb Smash is one of the most popular android games to earn real money, with an average rating of 4.5/5 on the Play Store. It has been downloaded over 1 million times thus far. The game entails smashing light bulbs using a slingshot. A Multiplayer option is also available to enable you to play with your friends. 

Money is earned based on level up. As you cross levels and go up, money gets added to your wallet. The minimum amount to reach for payout is Rs. 60. You are eligible to transfer the money to your Paytm wallet once you earn at least 60 rupees. The key is to cross maximum levels to earn more money.

Pool Payday for Fun and Paying Pool Games

Pool Payday ranks among the most convenient android games to earn real money. Realistic pool games rendered through high-end graphics and advanced functions make for a fun-filled gaming experience. Compete with other players on a 1-on-1 basis via live real-time games and earn real money. 

The game provides the opportunity to win big cash prizes. You can either play for free or deposit money as per your choice. Trophies are presented for winning tournaments. There is a 24/7 leaderboard to check your ranking among other players.

Cash prizes can be withdrawn through PayPal, Amazon Pay and other gateways.

Big Buck Hunter: Use Your Aiming Skills to Earn Money

Big Buck Hunter is available for download on your android device. It is paying gaming app which enables you to earn money based on your aiming skills. The game entails taking aim through the scope of a rifle and hitting a male deer called a buck. You get points for hitting a male deer while you lose points for hitting a female deer. 

You can compete against other players in one-on-one face-offs and participate in tournaments. Cash prizes are given for winning individual competitions or tournaments. The cash prizes can be redeemed through PayPal or gift cards.

Cashyy: Earn Easy Money by Simply Playing

Cashyy has more than 100k positive reviews on Play Store. It has a plethora of free games and missions. All you need to do is complete the missions and play the games to earn money. The more you play, the bigger the amount you receive. 

The money you earn is sent to your PayPal account. You can also redeem your earnings through gift cards.


There are many options for playing games to earn real money on your android device, regardless of whether you prefer arcade games, card games, puzzles, adventure games, etc. However, you must be aged at least 18 years to earn money.