Rummy is a popular Indian card game and is now widely played on online rummy apps and websites. You can play unlimited rummy games carrying large cash prizes daily on rummy apps and websites. There is real cash to be won by playing and winning rummy games on such online platforms. 

Rummy is a skill-based game, even though luck also plays a role. However, a skilled player is most likely to turn even a poor hand into a winning hand. Thus, the key to winning rummy games and earning money is to polish your skills by playing more and more rummy games.

Certain tricks to Play Rummy maximise your chances of winning games. Although practice and experience help a lot in getting proficient in Rummy and winning, some tricks are also recommended to defeat your opponents or minimise your losses.

Let’s look at some of the best tips and tricks to use for rummy games.

Selecting The Correct Table

Selecting the correct table means choosing the correct game type per your skills and experience. Any online rummy app or website features free games, cash games and tournaments. If you are a beginner, then it is not advisable to play high-stakes cash games and tournaments straightaway. Commence with free games and play as many free games as possible to get conversant with Rummy and hone your skills. After that, move to low stake cash games.

High stake cash games and tournaments should be attempted only after you have gained a good amount of experience and have defeated seasoned players. In addition, look for your niche game, meaning the type of Rummy you are most comfortable playing, such as pool rummy, points Rummy, deal rummy etc.

Proper Arrangement of Cards

Organise the cards as per their suits and ranks. Arrange the matching cards to make sets and sequences. Keep the black and red cards separate. Proper arrangement of cards makes it easy to determine the cards to keep or discard. Correct arrangement of cards is often ignored due to a large number of cards, especially in 13 and 21-card rummy.

Prioritise Making Pure Sequence

Making Pure Sequence

A pure sequence is necessary to win a game of Indian Rummy. The pure sequence also significantly impacts your points at the end of a game. If you create a pure sequence but not other sequences and sets before your opponent declares, the value of the cards in the pure sequence would not be added to your score, and you would escape with a low score.

Use The Joker Card Adroitly

A Joker card replaces the card required to form a set or sequence. Thus, it is a trump card to win rummy games. However, it is imperative to use the joker cards correctly. Joker cards should never be used in pure sequences. If you have already created a pure sequence but do not have a second sequence, then use the joker card to create the second sequence. If you have two sequences, including a pure sequence, then use the joker card to make a sequence with high-value cards. 

Knowing when to use the joker card is the key to winning rummy games. Never discard the joker card, especially when playing the 13-card Rummy.

Keep in Mind The Possibility of Sequences with Over 3 Cards

Striving to make sequences before focusing on sets is an important trick in rummy games. Making a sequence of three cards and then focusing on creating other sets and sequences is a common practice. However, keeping your eyes open for a favourable card that can fit in an existing sequence as a fourth card is beneficial. A sequence can have four cards.

The advantage of this trick is reducing the number of cards you need to fit into sets and sequences, thereby hastening your winning hand.

Hold on To Middle-Value Cards

Do not discard the middle or intermediate value cards; use them more to create sets and sequences. This is because middle-value cards can form more sequences or sets with each other as compared to high or low-value cards. Moreover, you lose a few points on using middle-value cards and not winning. 

Get Rid of High-Value Cards

High-value cards such as King, Queen, Ace or Jack should be discarded as soon as possible if you cannot fit them in sets and sequences. This is because such cards carry 10 points each, and if you lose a game while having high-value cards, you lose many points. Thus, discard the high-value cards immediately if they do not form sets or sequences.

Prevent Your Opponent from Guessing Your Combination

Your opponent is likely keeping an eye on the cards you discard on the discard pile and pick up from the open pile. Thus, if you need two or more cards to form a set or sequence, avoid picking up even one favourable card from the open pile because your opponent might guess your combination and try to withhold the cards you require. 

However, if you only require one card to complete a sequence or set and that card is in the open pile, there is no problem in picking it.

What is The Best Online Rummy Platform To Earn Cash?

Apart from using tricks, it is also essential to select a reputed real cash rummy app to be assured of winning real money and getting an excellent gaming experience.

For example, Magic Rummy is the Best online rummy app. It has many rummy game modes such as magic T23 Rummy, pool rummy, points Rummy and Deals Rummy. Free and cash tournaments and leagues are available for the players, with opportunities to win anything from Rs. 10,0000 to as much as Rs. 10 lakhs.


Download Indian Rummy and start playing rummy games. Keep the above-mentioned tricks in mind to increase your chances of winning and earning money.