IPL Fever is ON. Magic Rummy exclusively offers Predict and Win feature to all our Rummy Players!

“Prediction is tough especially when it is about the Game”

Do You Think You Can Predict the Winner for every IPL match? Join Magic Rummy Power Play league and win Rs 10 Lakhs in your withdrawal account. 

  1. If your day’s prediction is correct your score gets double for that day.
  2. If you play after 7:30 PM daily you get double points for every rummy game.

You can play more and win more try your luck in Magic Rummy with daily based prediction.

How it works?

  • Predict the winner of the day’s match | Day’s points get DOUBLED if your winner prediction goes right.
  • Earn points for each game based on the stake. 
  • Example 100 points for Re. 1 game, 25 points for 25p game
  • Get 2x points for all games between 7:30pm and midnight
  • Get bonus points equal to table stake for each game you win
  • Games with initial drops will not count towards the score.
  • Games played on the 2p table will not count towards the score.
  • If you don’t select your team then your entry for the day is missed.

Fight for the Weekly Prize

  • All 7 days points will be added to a weekly leaderboard
  • Top the weekly leaderboard to get even bigger prizes
  • Prizes will come directly to your withdrawal account at 1 AM automatically

One user can predict only once per day, and once the prediction is submitted it cannot be changed later. e

Enjoy the IPL Power Play League only on Magic Rummy. Our love for bringing new concepts will never stop.