If you are looking for something which will not only enhance your rummy skill but also can make you earn big cash rewards, you have come to the right platform, Magic Rummy. 

Magic Rummy has introduced several exciting tournaments; each has its own rules and flavors. Today we are going to talk about the Free Roll Tournament. Before we know about the specialty of a Free roll tournament, we need to know what the tournament means, its type and why you should play a Free roll tournament. 

What is a Rummy Tournament?

In rummy, a tournament involves a large number of players participating in the same variant where the winner(s) takes the prize money, and the one who loses leaves the contest. The tournaments are scheduled on a particular date, and time with a pre-decided prize pool gets distributed among the winners. The rummy tournaments are the best because it is the easiest way to earn money.

Types of Tournaments:

Cash Tournaments

In this kind of tournament, a player has to pay a certain entry fee for participation. These types of tournaments are played with real money and have high risks. The prize pool depends on the entry fee.

Free Roll

A free roll tournament is a tournament with no entry fee. If you are a beginner and want to learn and earn at the same time, The free roll tournament is best for you because it involves zero cost and higher chances of winning a cash prize. The best part is that it involves no risk!‘’Free roll se kare ishq with no risk’’

“To earn more, you have to learn more’’

Magic rummy takes this quote seriously and has introduced Learn and Earn-based Daily Free Roll Tournament, where you can learn rummy for free and earn 12,000 and 10,000 daily. Free me Seekho Free me Jeeto! Win cash rewards twice daily for free ‘’Khelo Double Jeeto Double’’.

Free Roll Tournament ka Double Dhamaka!


‘’Don’t limit your challenges, Challenge your Limit’’

Are you looking for a challenging skill-based tournament, we got you the best DEAL rummy tournament because it takes a great deal of daring to play Deal rummy! Of course, if there’s no challenge, there’s no gain in skill.

Rules of Deal Rummy in Free Roll Tournament

In a free roll tournament, 6 players can participate in a single table. 

The mode is played with two decks. 

In the Free Roll tournament, there are only three deals.

The players with the least points get eliminated in the last round. 

The player with the highest points wins the match.

The deal is played with 240 points in each round. 

Details about Free Roll Tournament:

Play twice a day for free and win a double cash prize.

How to register for the Free Roll Tournament

– Download Magic Rummy

– Open Magic Rummy App

– Click on the Free Tournaments button

– If you want to know the details, click on Details

– Click on Join 

– Now, you are set to play and earn

– If you want to check the winners of previous tournaments you can click on the Check winners button under the Action category.

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