Rummy is a card game which has always been very popular in India. It has become even more popular with the advent of online rummy sites. Rummy sites enable you to earn money from rummy without going anywhere. The online rummy sites have made it possible to play rummy games anytime, regardless of location. There is also no need to handle physical cash because digital technology lets you deposit or withdraw money easily.

Opting for a trusted site such as Magic Rummy to play rummy online is essential. There are many beneficial features of good online rummy sites which make online rummy highly popular among rummy enthusiasts.

Fairness of The Games

RNG certification of the online rummy site attests to the fact that the rummy games hosted on it are fair to all the players. For instance, Magic Rummy carries RNG certification.

Random Number Generator or RNG deployed by the online rummy site uses a complex algorithm to assign values to the cards dealt to the players randomly. The generated card values have no pattern or repetition, which can unfairly benefit any player. RNG ensures that card values cannot be predicted. This ensures fair gameplay at all times.

Reputed online rummy sites such as Magic Rummy allow only verified users to play the rummy games. Thus, only real players compete against each other on the site, and no automated bots are allowed access. Robust firewalls protect against hackers and other cybercriminals.

Multiple Types of Rummy Games

There are many options for real cash rummy games on online rummy sites. A plethora of options means the players can try their hands at different rummy games and develop skills for their niche games. For example, Magic Rummy provides the options of pool rummy, points rummy, deal rummy and more. 

Some common rummy games available on online rummy sites are as follows.

  • Points Rummy: It is played between 2-6 players using two decks of cards. The moves are made by discarding or picking cards from the open or closed deck of cards. Cards placed face up make up the open deck, while the cards placed face down make up the closed deck. The objective is to group the 13 cards into sequences and sets with at least one pure sequence. The winner gets 0 points. The card values of the ungrouped cards possessed by the losing players are added up to get the total points. The rupee value of each point is multiplied by the total points to determine the cash amount earned by the winner.
  • Pool Rummy: It is similar to points rummy. However, in pool rummy, the players need to limit their points below a fixed limit. The players who breach this limit are eliminated in each round. The final player at the end of the final round is the winner. There are three types of pool rummy, 101, 201 and 51 pool rummy.
  • Deal Rummy: The rules are the same as points and pool rummy. However, deal rummy is played for a certain number of deals. Each player gets a fixed number of chips at the commencement of the first deal. The winner of each deal gets the chips of the remaining players based on their scores. The player in possession of the maximum number of chips at the end of the last deal is the winner. The earnings are based on the rupee value of each chip.

Free and Cash games

The best real money rummy app, such as Magic Rummy, features free and cash games. Newbie players can easily play free rummy games as much as they like before playing cash games. Free games allow the new players to learn rummy skills and conversant with the rules before attempting cash games. 

Many cash rummy games are running on an online rummy site anytime. Apart from conventional rummy tables involving few players, tournaments involving many players and carrying huge cash prizes are also hosted online rummy platforms. For example, Magic Rummy hosts both free and cash tournaments. Free tournaments have no entry fee, while cash tournaments require an entry fee but carry bigger cash prizes.

Bonus To Play Cash Games

Welcome Bonus is a common feature of good online cash rummy apps. A certain amount of money is provided to the players on registering with the site to enable them to start playing cash games. For example, the Magic Rummy app provides a welcome bonus of Rs. 510/- on signing up. 

The online rummy site can also provide a deposit bonus. It increases the value of the deposit made by a player to play cash games. For instance, Magic Rummy provides a bonus of Rs. 50 on every Rs. 50 deposited by first-time depositors.

Referral Programs To Earn Money

Online rummy sites can run referral programs. Under a referral program, each player gets a unique referral code. The player needs to share this code with friends/followers/family members through his/her social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others. Each new user entering the code shared by a particular player after signing up is added to the referral account of that player. Money is offered for each new user referred.

Take the example of Magic Rummy. Magic Rummy offers Rs. 3500/- for each referral. The more new users referred, the greater the amount of money earned.

Hassle-Free Deposits And Withdrawals

Financial transactions have great importance in online cash rummy. There are multiple secure payment methods such as UPI, credit/debit card, net banking, wallets and more provided by good online rummy sites to make deposits. Withdrawing the earnings is also very simple. The earnings are transferred safely to the player’s bank account whenever desired. For instance, Magic Rummy allows the players to transfer their earnings from their Paytm wallets to their KYC verified bank accounts.


Online rummy sites have made it possible to earn a side income using your rummy skills. Thus, online rummy is a blend of fun and economical activity. However, playing online rummy on an established and trusted site is recommended.