Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. It involves 2 or more players with 13 cards each. The objective is to meld the cards in sequences and sets by picking up and discarding cards. There are many variations of rummy, such as pool rummy, deal rummy, point rummy, and more. 

The immense popularity of rummy in India led to the advent of Online Rummy. There are reputed rummy apps such as Magic Rummy, which provide the best opportunities to play rummy games and earn real money. 

In case you are confused between online and offline rummy, consider the below-mentioned points illustrating why online rummy should be preferred over conventional offline rummy.

Play Rummy Anytime, Anywhere

Through apps and websites, online cash rummy can be accessed anytime, regardless of location. There is no need to wait for the right time and place, such as a social gathering to play rummy. All you need is a smartphone or laptop, or tablet with an internet connection to be able to play online rummy.

Thus, you can access online rummy in the middle of your workday when you have some free time, in the afternoon, and even at midnight. There is also no need to search for other players. You will always find many other players regardless of when you log in to any rummy app or website.

A Plethora of Choices of Rummy Games

In the case of offline rummy, you need to stick to 1-2 types of rummy games because all the participants are not likely to know each version of the game. However, when you play rummy online, you can try multiple versions of rummy, such as pool rummy, gin rummy, magic T23 rummy, deal rummy, point rummy, and more on the same platform. You get the opportunity to learn the rules to play various types of rummy games and develop skills to play them.

Choice of Both Free And Cash Games

Online rummy platforms feature both free and cash games. Thus, if you are a newbie rummy player, there is no need to jump to cash games straightaway. You can play rummy online for free with friends and other players as much as you like. Investing in cash games without gaining much experience in playing rummy poses a risk because you are likely to end up losing money. 

Free games enable you to learn the rules, develop skills, create strategies to win games, and determine your mistakes without the risk of losing money. Once you are confident about your abilities to win games, you can play cash rummy games. There is no such luxury when it comes to offline rummy, as you are not likely to find players willing to play free games as much as you desire.

Invest Money As Per Your Choice

Real money rummy apps and websites have several rummy tables running anytime. The money at stake or the entry fee varies widely from one table to another. Thus, you have multiple options regarding the amount of money to wager. If you are starting with cash games, you can choose the tables with minimal entry fees so that you do not have to wager a lot of money straight away. You can gradually move on to higher cash games as you win and gain more confidence.

Offline rummy games usually do not allow you to choose wager amounts. Pressure from other players often forces you to put a higher amount at stake than you are willing to shell out. It’s either take it or leave it.

Extra Benefits For The Players

Online rummy platforms provide welcome bonuses to newbie players on signing up. The welcome bonus acts as an incentive for the players to participate in cash games. The welcome bonus enables a new player to participate in cash rummy games without staking his/her own money.

Many online rummy platforms also provide deposit bonuses. This implies that an extra amount is added to the amount deposited by you. This enhances your investment’s value, enabling you to play for higher stakes. 

There are no such benefits in offline rummy. In offline rummy, you do not get any welcome bonus, even if you are a newbie and must stake money from your resources. There are also no deposit bonuses in offline rummy.

Quick Access To Rummy Tournaments

Online rummy platforms keep hosting rummy tournaments involving large numbers of players and substantial cash rewards regularly. Thus, you can frequently get quick access to any Rummy tournament and compete for high cash amounts. 

It is difficult to organize offline rummy tournaments and even impossible to organize them frequently.

Option To Play Against People With The Same Skill Sets

Online rummy enables you to play with players with the same skill sets. There is no need to play against highly skilled and experienced players as soon as you venture into the world of online rummy. You also have the facility to watch the games of skilled and experienced players to sharpen your skills and learn new strategies.

There is no luxury in choosing your opponents in offline rummy. Your opponents can be more proficient in playing rummy than you, but you have no option other than playing against them.

Elimination of Cheating Practices

In offline rummy, allegations of faulty shuffling or dealing of cards, incorrect counting points, improper payment calculation, and more are common. This is not the case with online rummy. Online rummy platforms use advanced software which automates all the processes, leaving no scope for cheating.

Swift And Easy Withdrawal of Earnings

The money earned by winning rummy games online can be transferred swiftly to your bank account through various digital routes. The processing time is less. In the case of offline rummy, winners often have to wait long to collect their earnings.


To reap the maximum benefits of online rummy, it is necessary to download the Best online rummy app, Magic Rummy. Online rummy continues to grow in popularity.