New year is all about new promises, goals, and commitments, It’s the perfect time to start preparing for new year’s resolutions. To make your year abundant, I have prepared some rummy resolutions that can help you to enhance your skills and will help you to win more. You are going to find the top 5 resolutions for Rummy players in 2022.

Enhance your skill by learning different Rummy Tricks and Tips

Rummy isn’t only about playing, it’s also about learning and improving your skills so that you can perform better day by day and beat the toughest opponent of your life. If you want to enhance your skill, you can learn it from YouTube. There are several tricks and Tips available there, If you are confused about which channel to visit, I would suggest to you channels like Rakesh Banga, Genius Ginni, R for Rummy Champs.

Set a Time Limit

Playing games isn’t only a source of entertainment, it boosts your critical thinking skills. Sometimes excessive gaming can harm your professional and personal life. It’s always best to decide a time for gaming in your schedule.

Brush up your basics

At first, we learn the basics then skills, no matter how much pro we have become, sometimes silly mistakes can make us lose the game because we haven’t revised our basics. Next time, whenever you play, rummy do not forget to brush up your basics.

Practice Self Care

Winning is exciting, Losing can be depressing. Don’t lose your heart and hope if you aren’t winning, practice hard! Life is too short to be sad, learn from your mistakes and challenge yourself. Please take care of your mental health.

Appreciate your Opponent

If you think your opponent is stronger then don’t get mad over it, get curious about their tricks. Rummy is a friendly game and Magic Rummy is a platform that brings players together from across the country. Don’t complain, compliment your opponent for their game. Take defeat as an opportunity to a victory for the future match by observing your opponent step by step.