Friends, Isn’t this the most common question! We all want to understand what is the difference between Games of Skill and Games of Chance.

My brother plays PUBG all day, but is he really just wasting his time, or improving his skills. Is PUBG- A game of skill? I will answer all your questions, but before we move forward, let’s understand the meaning of Game of skill and Game of chance.

The more I practice, the luckier I get

Game Of Skill

A game of skill requires expertise. The probability of you winning a match depends on your ability. Here are the elements below a Game of skill requires concepts like:

The good part! If you practice, you can master these games so that you can beat the masters and become a Grand Master. 

Game of Chance

There's no rules to luck! Everything is chance

If your luck is in your favor, you can win any ”game of chance” easily

These kinds of games have little or no corner for the skills and expertise of the player. Luck by chance is the only factor that means players have no control over the result.

Rummy: A game of chance or skill?

The main difference is that a Game of Skill requires skills to excel and a Game of Chance depends on luck. In India, a game of skill is ok to bet. Betting in a Game of Chance isn’t allowed.

Many of us think that Rummy is pure gambling and a game of luck. Our parents have named this game ”Jua”, and according to them, It’s a Paap (sin) to play Jua! If you are one of them who believe in playing this game as GHOOOR ANARRTH, ask these questions to yourself.

Do you know that there are strategies to play rummy?

Do you know that time management and decision-making skills should be strong to win a rummy match?

Do you know there are tips and tricks available on the internet to play & improve Rummy?

Did you know that victory depends on aspects like memory and analytical skill?

If the answer to these questions is YES, how can it be a game of chance? Rummy has rules, strategies, time management and decision-making and the scope of improvement, in short, all the elements of the Game of Skill. So, it is purely a game of skill. Now it has busted your bubbles, right? Rummy pays little or no importance to chance.

Why should we understand: Whether a game is "Game of Skill" or "Game of Chance"?

The motive of this blog is to make you understand what type of games are worth playing. As we know, A game of chance is based on luck, A player can enjoy these types of games without knowledge and understanding. In India, Games falling under the ‘’Game of Chance’’ category are considered gambling. Most gambling games require you to risk money to get the best outcome, so it’s illegal!

So, Beware of wasting your all-hard-earned money on these kinds of games.

The legality of Rummy in India

 100% Legal ….

 The 1968 Supreme Court ruling declared rummy to be a game of skill  Here’s the Supreme Court written statement:

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