Rummy is one of the most popular card games in India. Despite being extremely popular, some people are surrounded with misconceptions and myths about rummy. Guess what? These myths come from those gossipers who haven’t experienced playing Rummy in their lives. Not only this, they demoralize those who love playing rummy or want to try the game. I love playing Rummy and I play only on Magic Rummy because It is the most trusted app.




Here are some silly questions people commonly ask me and as a Magic Rummy player, I burst their bubbles with my savage answers…

1- Hain raam! Jua kyu khelte ho?? (Oh my god, are you into gambling?

My Answer:  No! It’s a skill based game,the more you play/learn .. The better you get. It is only possible in a game of skill, not coin toss.

2- Paisa barbaad mat karo, sab setting hota hai card ka! (Don’t waste your money, the game is fixed)

My Answer: Oh wow! I had no idea your friend was a hacker! Please be my best friend and tell him to make me win 1 lakh, I need it for my wedding dress.

PS -Magic Rummy is RNG certified and audited annually by third parties


3- Arey mat khel, Illegal hai (Don’t play, it’s illegal)

My Answer:  Oh, has the government passed a new bill? Show me where it’s written? Because the law I know says that it is 100% legal to play game of skill in India.

4- Arey lut jaaogey, saare fake players hote hai, Starting me jeetayenge phir aadat ho jaati h to sab loot lete hai

(At first, you will win then will get mugged by the fake players)

My Answer: You might have done great things in your life but haven’t heard about Magic Rummy! What a loser!

5- Haa Haa Haslo! Pehle withdrawal k baad dekh, Kya hota! (See what happens after the first withdrawal?)

My Answer: Yes, after the first withdrawal, I earned double and Now I am going to invest the money in stocks! Jealous right?


If you are a rummy enthusiast like me and haven’t heard any of these phrases at least once after mentioning that you play rummy online, you are extremely lucky! Its high time to debunk these burning questions. Please do share this article with your friends, especially with the gossipers.


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