Magic Rummy is a skill-based card game that offers incredible opportunities for players to win real cash prizes. However, it is nearly impossible to win this game by fluke or chance. Magic Rummy is a game of skill that requires an immense amount of planning, analyzing, and strategizing, all at the same time.

This Navratri Learn some new  rummy tricks and tips on how to play Rummy and increase your chances of winning in the games

Play better to Win More!

Day 1) Arrange your Cards properly

Arrange your cards according to the suits and ranks. Try keeping the blacks and reds separate. It’s very easy to miss cards especially with Indian card rummy (13 cards) and 21 card rummy when there are so many cards in hand

The fact is the more you play the better you become at the game.

Day 2) Focus on forming a Pure Sequence

One of the important tips is to focus on forming a pure sequence first. A pure sequence is one without a joker. This is especially required if you are playing Online Indian rummy where a pure sequence is mandatory to win the game.

Day 3) Don’t forget the jokers and wildcards

Many players miss using the jokers in the game. Jokers and wildcards can be used in place of any other card. If you get a joker you can create combinations more easily. 

Don’t underestimate the power of the joker

Day 4) Choose Low-Value Cards

In most rummy games, the aim is to keep your points low. Even if you are losing, you should focus on reducing the points in hand because it will reduce your cash outflow Every point makes a difference especially in games with a bigger cash amount.

Day 5) Observe other players

This is the oldest rummy trick. Keep track of what other players are discarding (or picking up from discarded piles). This way you can guess what sequences/sets they are making. You can hold onto that card in order to reduce their chances of winning.

The game isn’t over until it is over

Day 6) Avoid the discard pile

While you are observing others, keep your own moves hidden. Avoid picking up from the discard pile unless there is a really good card. Remember, everyone is observing what cards you are picking up and trying to guess which set/run you are making.  It’s better to pick up from the stockpile.

“Love, War, & Rummy, all require passion“

Day 7) Evaluate cards in hand

It’s natural to wait for a good card to come along, first you need to analyze all the possible options that you have with the existing rummy cards and whatever you can draw. It is important to analyze and evaluate the cards in your hand and arranging and rearranging them to make a show. 

Day 8) Keep practicing

There old is one old saying, practice makes a man perfect! You need to practice and play rummy card games regularly where you can practice these tricks to win rummy. Once you start playing regularly, you will find you can form strategies and apply your own rummy tricks.

Day 9) Tutorial Videos

You can learn easy tricks of rummy with Magic Rummy, watch videos of our Rummy Guru – Vipul Gupta.