Mobile gaming is highly popular in the current times. Regarding Android phones, there is no shortage of games available for download on the Play Store. The top Android game which attracts millions of Android users is Online rummy. Rummy is a card game traditionally played offline, but with the advent of rummy apps and websites, it has become easy to play rummy anytime, anywhere.

Online rummy platforms enable you to play rummy games for real money. Thus, it is possible to utilize your rummy skills to earn extra income. For example, Magic Rummy is a top rummy app offering unlimited cash games.

Here are the major reasons why rummy has become a top Android game.

Multiplayer Gaming

Conventional rummy requires the physical assembly of people at a particular place. In the case of Online rummy, the multiplayer gaming environment enables many rummy games involving thousands of players to run together on the platform at any given time. 

You get access to games anytime, regardless of your location, because games run round the clock. For instance, Magic Rummy has a user base of over 10 lakhs, so there is no lack of players to play cash games whenever you desire. All you need to do is simply pick the rummy table and start playing.

Multiple Gaming Modes and Formats

There are many rummy games, and a good Online rummy app provides the maximum number of variants. For example, Magic Rummy offers Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, Deal Rummy, and more. Multiple rummy modes on the same app enable you to learn many rummy game nuances. 

Both practice and cash games run on a good rummy app such as Magic Rummy. The practice games are free because money is not required to be put at stake to play such games. The free games allow you to get as much practice as possible in playing rummy to get acquainted with the rules of various rummy modes and develop the necessary skills. After that, cash games can be attempted.

Tournaments provide the opportunity to earn huge cash by winning against many other players. Tournaments involving many players also run regularly on an online rummy app. For example, free and cash tournaments run on the Magic Rummy app. Free tournaments carry cash prizes but do not require entry fees to play. Cash tournaments, on the other hand, carry higher cash prizes but require entry fees to play.

Secure Gameplay

There is no scope for unfair gameplay in Online rummy. The online rummy platforms use a Random Number Generator to generate the card values randomly and shuffle the cards automatically. The RNG uses a complex algorithm to ensure no repetition or pattern in how the cards are shuffled and dealt to the players. Thus, there is no way for any player to predict the cards, and each player gets an equal chance to win the game. 

However, it is necessary to ascertain that the given online rummy platform is RNG certified. A good example is Magic Rummy. Magic Rummy app carries RNG certification, which means its RNG system complies with the required technical guidelines. 

Trusted online rummy platforms such as Magic Rummy have verified players only. The mobile numbers of the players are verified during the registration process. Thus, there is no issue with playing against bots. You play with other real players only.

Bonuses for The Players

Online rummy platforms offer a welcome bonus for signing up. The welcome bonus is a certain amount of money credited to the new player’s gaming account on completion of the registration process. For instance, Magic Rummy provides a welcome bonus of Rs. 510/- on signing up. Welcome bonus lets you start playing cash games without investing your money initially.

Deposit bonuses are also provided by some rummy apps such as Magic Rummy. The deposit bonus increases the value of the deposit you make to play cash rummy games. For example, a deposit bonus of Rs. 100 on depositing Rs. 100 increases the value of your deposit to Rs. 200 for cash games.

Safe And Easy Transactions

Multiple safe and secure payment gateways such as credit/debit cards, UPI, Paytm, net banking, and many more are present in reputed online rummy apps to make deposits for playing cash games. The amount deposited is credited to the player’s gaming account.

Withdrawal of earnings is also very easy and safe. The money can be easily transferred from your gaming account to your KYC-verified bank account. For example, in Magic Rummy, the earnings can be swiftly transferred from your Paytm wallet to your bank account. All you need to do is enter the desired amount and your bank details. There are no charges on withdrawals.

Reputed online rummy apps such as Magic Rummy have SSL certification. SSL certification means the app uses encrypted connections to transfer data between its web servers and web browsers. The encrypted connection ensures that the players’ sensitive data such as bank details, credit/debit card numbers, login credentials, and more are inaccessible to cyber criminals.

Customer care

24/7 support is provided for the users of any reputed online rummy app such as Magic Rummy. The customer support team assists the players in resolving any and every issue they may face on the platform. 

Completely legal

Playing Online rummy for cash is legal. The Supreme Court of India has held that rummy is a game of skills because the outcome of a rummy game depends mainly upon the skills of the players involved, and chance plays a minor role. Thus, playing online rummy games for stakes does not fall under the gambling category.

However, there are some states which have prohibited online rummy for cash. Assam, Telangana, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Meghalaya. In these states, only free online rummy games are allowed.


Online rummy is a widely played Android game with many rummy apps in the Play Store. However, it is necessary to download the best rummy app only.