Rummy is primarily a game of skills and strategies, with luck playing a minimal role in winning. However, the type of cards dealt to you is crucial in determining the outcome. Depending upon the types of cards dealt to you, your hand can be classified into good, difficult, and bad. In Indian Rummy, each player is dealt 13 cards, aiming to meld the cards into sequences and sets with at least one pure sequence.

The Best online rummy app, Magic Rummy, offers huge cash prizes for winning rummy games. The gameplay is also safe and secure, with equal chances of winning for all the players. The cards are dealt with by a Random Number Generator, which means you can get any possible combination of cards—no need to drop out of a game immediately or make hasty decisions about getting a bad hand. A bad set of cards never deters skilled and experienced rummy players.

Here are some ways to win in a rummy game or at least minimize your loss when faced with a bad hand in online rummy.

Bluffing Your Opponent

You should try to trick your opponent into discarding the cards you require to make combinations. Bluffing your opponent into believing that you have a good hand and are all set to declare is a good strategy to turn your bad hand into a winning hand. Discarding useful cards to trick your opponent into discarding ideal ones for you is also a good bluffing strategy.

Playing many practice games is necessary to master the art of bluffing. With the gain in expertise and experience, you become more proficient in influencing your opponents’ decisions in online rummy games.

Monitor The Play of Your Opponent

Observing your opponent’s moves becomes even more important when you have a bad hand in an online cash rummy game. For instance, if your opponent picks up a card from the closed deck, they may be a good hand. To be sure, you can discard a particular card type as bait. If your opponent picks up that card, you can get a good idea about the type of cards they want to declare. As a result, you can hold on to possible cards your opponent requires and block them from declaring.

Discard High-Value Cards

Your cash is at stake when you play to earn money from rummy on an online rummy platform such as Magic Rummy. In such a case, if you get a bad hand, you must cut your losses to avoid losing a huge amount of money. Thus, you must focus on minimizing your points at the end of the game to avoid losing high stakes.

If you have a bad hand, look for high-value cards in your possession. High-value cards such as Ace, King, Queen, and Jack carry 10 points each. If the high-value cards are ungrouped, they must be discarded as soon as possible. You can only focus on obtaining the required cards to make sets and sequences after discarding the high-value cards. This is an important precaution because if your opponent declares that while holding on to high-value ungrouped cards, your points burden would be very high, leading to a huge loss.

Watch Out For Options

When you have a bad hand in an online rummy game, you should keep your eyes open for favorable cards besides constantly reducing your points. The best way is to keep an eye on the discard deck. The cards in a discard deck are placed face up on the table. Thus, you can see the cards your opponents are discarding. 

You always have a good chance of getting the required cards from the discard deck. Cards rejected by your opponents may enable you to make sets and sequences. Thus, keeping a watch for such a chance to appear is useful.

Hold The Middle Cards

Middle-value cards can help turn a bad hand into a winning hand. The cards with values such as 5 or 6 are called middle cards. They help build sets and sequences with many other cards such as 3,4,7, 8, and 9. Thus, do not discard middle cards and try to make sets and sequences using them. Watch out for middle cards if you don’t possess any, and pick them up as soon as possible when they appear on the discard or closed deck.

Use Joker Cards Smarty

If you have a bad hand in a real money rummy game, you don’t have cards that can make any set or sequence. Having one or more joker cards assumes even more important in this situation. Even if you do not have a joker card at the beginning of the game, there is always a chance of getting one or more Joker from the closed deck during the game.

Joker cards can be used to make sets or sequences. Try to group as much as cards as possible with the help of jokers. This way, you can reduce the number of ungrouped cards in your possession and reduce your losses significantly if your opponent declares. 

Drop Out

There is a drop option in Online Rummy. Clicking on the drop button takes you out of the game. If you have a bad hand and are not willing to play, then use the drop button at the beginning of the game without making any moves. This is called the first drop, and you lose only 20 points. 

If you feel your bad hand has not improved after the first few moves, you can use the drop button to quit the game. This is called a middle drop, which costs you 40 points. 

The drop option helps you save money that would have been lost in a likely defeat.


A good hand is not a confirmation of a win; a bad hand does not mean a certain defeat. Smart gameplay and skills can help win or minimize losses even with a bad hand.