Have you ever heard about this game? I am sure you know about Bachchan’s Teen Patti movie and this famous dialogue of that movie

“Jeevan ko Janne ke liye ... usse pehle jeena hoga”

It means to understand life.. you first have to live it so, if you want to understand Teen Patti, you should know how to play this game

Just like Rummy, Teen Patti is a popular Indian card game played with 52 cards without jokers

‘‘Taash Ka Joker aur Apno ki Thokar, aksar zindagi ki bazi ghuma dete hai…’’ So better no joker this time!

 The game played with 4-7 players with three cards each.’ The dealer distributes three face-down cards to himself and each player in a clockwise manner. Before the cards are dealt, each player will make an ante which means the players have to give the boot amount. The boot amount is the minimum stake amount put in the pot, which is the money kept in the center of the table. This ante sets the level of the game.

The player sitting next to the dealer on the left side starts the game. After the deal, players can play in 2 ways, Seen (players who choose to see their cards) or Blind (players who choose not to see their cards). A blind player can see their cards later in the round.

A blind player must put in at least the current stake and not more than twice the current stake. A seen player must bet at least twice the current stake and not more than four times the current stake.


After every turn, the pot money increases. The player having the highest-ranking cards at the end of the round is declared the winner of Teen Patti. 

He wins all the money in the pot.

You and Me, It's a Sideshow Time

If three players are left, A seen player can request another seen player for a sideshow! 

Sideshow suggests when one player request to compare his cards with another seen player privately. The asked player can accept or deny the sideshow request. If the sideshow request is allowed, the one with a lower-ranking hand must fold. If the sideshow request is denied, the betting process continues as usual.

In a blind show, After only one opponent is left, a blind player can also ask for a Show, the cards of both the players become visible. In the end, the winner gets the pot.

Forming the Best hand ranking is the key to winning Teen Patti!

The player with the worst hand ranking will lose the game. The player with the best hand ranking will win this card game.

How to Play and Form Best Hand Ranking in Teen Patti

Best hand: We can call it Trail, Set, or Trio. The three cards have to be the same regardless of color and suit. The highest trail is A-A-A, then K-K-K lowest is 2-2-2 of a diamond, heart, and spade or clubs.

Second Best hand:  It is also known as a pure sequence or Straight Flush. The three cards have to be of the same suit and color. 

Highest value: A-K-Q (of any suit) and Lowest value of 4-3-2 (of any suit)

Third Best Hand: It is also known as Sequence, Runs, or Straight. On this hand, the card will be of different suits. The highest value is A-K-Q (another suit), the Lowest value is 4-3-2 (another suit) 

Colour or Flush: This is the 4th best hand. The cards should be of the same color and suit without sequence. Highest value: A-K-J of spades, lowest value: 2-3-5 of hearts

Pair: This is the 5th best hand. The two cards out of 3 should be of the same rank regardless of color and suit. Highest value: A-A-K, lowest value: 2-2-3 (of another suit).

Worst hand: We also call it High Card. On this hand, three cards are not in a sequence, of the same value or the same suit. They are fully unarranged.