Online games have become hugely popular in India. Card games such as rummy and poker are also widely played online. There are dedicated apps for playing Indian Rummy to earn money. Teen Patti, an Indian poker variant, is available on many rummy apps. 

Teen Patti is a popular card game in India that can be played online. It has similarities with poker but is not a poker game. There are reputed platforms such as the Magic Rummy app, which allow you to try your hand at the teen Patti game and earn money. Thus, if you like to play Online Rummy, you can also try teen Patti.

Some of the basics of the teen Patti game should be clear before playing it online.

What Are The Rules of the Teen Pati Games?

Teen Patti is different from 13-card rummy. The number of players in a teen Patti table can be 3-7. A deck of 52 cards without jokers is used for the game. Each player is dealt 3 cards face down on the table. The random number generator of the online platform randomly generates card values which ensures fair distribution of the cards.

The player who acts as the dealer is selected randomly. Each player invests a pre-determined minimum stake amount. This amount appears at the center of the table and is called the pot. The value of the pot increases as the game progresses.

In an online teen Patti game, you must click on the bet button to automatically get the bet amount. Betting commences from the player placed on the left-hand side of the dealer. Each player places a bet by turn, depending upon the strength of his/her cards. The game continues for as many rounds as it takes till the last 2 players are left. The player having the best hand rankings among the previous 2 wins the entire pot amount.

Overall, the teen Patti game is a good choice if you want to earn money from rummy.

Terminologies of Teen Pati Game

The minimum amount each player needs to stake at the beginning of a teen Patti game is called the boot. The boot by each player makes up the pot at the center of the table.

The players can choose to play blind or seen. The blind player places bets without seeing their cards by keeping the card’s face down. The seen player places bets after seeing his/her cards. A blind player must place a bet equal to or twice the current stake if the previous player is also playing blind. If the previous player is playing, the blind player needs to bet either equal to or half the current stake.

Seen player needs to bet twice the current stake if the previous player is playing seen. If the previous player plays blind, the seen player must bet twice or four times the current stake. 

The pack or Fold option can be used if you want to quit the game. You can quit the game if you have a bad hand. Pack or Fold takes you out of the game, and you lose the money you put at stake.

Sideshow means a settlement between two players. It can happen only when all the players are betting after seeing their cards. A player can ask for a sideshow from the previous player after betting twice the current stake. The previous player can accept or refuse the sideshow. If the sideshow is accepted, both the players compare their cards—the player with lower ranking card rankings folds. If the card rankings are the same, the player who requested a sideshow must fold.

Valid Hand Rankings in Teen Patti

A trio of Trail is formed when all the 3 cards are of the same rank regardless of the suit. The highest ranked trio or Trail is that of Aces and the lowest ranked trio or Trail is made of 3 cards of twos.

Straight Flush or Pure Sequence is a combination of 3 cards of the same suit placed in consecutive order concerning their values. For example, 3, 4, and 5 of the queen of hearts.

A straight or Sequence is a group of 3 cards placed in a consecutive order concerning their numbers but differing in suits. For example, 4-3-2 cards of three different suits.

Flush is when the 3 cards are of the same suit, but their numbers are not in consecutive order. In such a case, the highest to the lowest cards are compared to determine the strength of the hand.

Pair is formed when 2 of the 3 cards are of the same rank but different suits. If both players have the same pair, the value of the third card decides the winner.


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