Magic Rummy is an online Indian Rummy card game. It has the reputation of being the best online rummy app as you can even earn money from rummy. Online rummy expands your mind’s productivity. You can play rummy online free with friends, family, and strangers.

Magic Rummy Game Rules

Online rummy is a game of 2 to 6 members. Players are assorted with 13 random deck cards at the beginning. A lottery determines which player will make the first move with a toss. The winning of the toss is based on the player with the assortment of soundest valued rummy cards.

Following this, you need to understand the gaming objectives and combinations of rummy to win online rummy cash. 3 combinations are presented in sequence in online rummy. This is an adrenaline-generating game as you have to create a sequence of your cards, observing you need to call the first move before any other participants do.

Know Your Online Rummy Game Profoundly

Magic Rummy online free game consists of 52 Deck cards and one joker. If there are over 2 players, magic rummy includes 2 packs of 52 deck cards to provide enough cards to keep the game in motion. The 52 cards consist of 4 suits: spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs

Each suite has 13 cards assigned to them with a ranking of 1-9, Ace, King, Queen, and Joker wild cards in each suit. Each set of the sequence should have at least 3 or 4 same suit or ranking rummy cards to win the match with better points. You can use the joker or the joker wild card to complete your incomplete sequence set.

A dealer is a special participant with the duty to allot you 13 assigned cards. The dealer is the last to get posted cards and the last to be able to discard them in every gaming round. Dealer changes from game to game as it is autogenerated and not a permanent status. The cards assigned are also auto-generated.

Deadwood is a set of cards with no form of sequence. Hence, they won’t help you win the game with better points. They will drag you to defeat with negative points as unsequenced sets are the way to lose.

One of the greatest features of the Online rummy card game is you can leave the game without getting disbarred from future tournaments. You can leave the game in 2 different situations; one is when you do not have any sequenced card after 13 rummy cards are assigned to you, suggesting you have no chance at winning the game; this is known as the initial drop. The other is mid-drop; when you cannot make any sequence after playing a few rounds, you leave the game midway to drop off the game before losing with greater points.

How To Arrange Cards For Better Performance

13 card rummy is arranged in 3 sequence orders. 

A pure sequence has 3 or 4 cards of the same suit deck cards, excluding the joker. A pure sequence is also known as the first life as you look up to arrange the same suits or ranking cards first to better your winning chances. 

An impure sequence is called the 2nd life because if you cannot create a pure sequence, you can include a joker to create an alternative set of a pure sequence, creating a second chance at winning. 

Lastly, the one or more sets of a sequence consisting of 3 or 4 cards whose rank is similar instead of suits. One more set may or may not contain a joker.

You need at least one pure sequence to have a better chance of winning the game.

Gaming Points

13 card rummy coins are earned based on ranking. You have to sequence your cards in a way to win with better points while earning real-time money. 

Joker plays a crucial role in overseeing the game. Joker is as cunning as it might sound. When drawing a joker, you can choose any card similar to your suit or ranking. Then there are the jokers from 4 different suits, which also work as wild cards, helping you make an impure sequence. Only joker can play this trick. Other points are made from the organized sequence of deck sets in a pure, impure, or one or more set sequence cards.

Online Rummy has an open deck and closed deck system. Open decks are cards that are visible to every participant, what each player holds in a set sequence. Open decks are also called discard piles. 

As you discard cards, you do not need to have probable sets. The close deck is the leftover cards after distributing all participants with 13 cards. Simply put, you must draw from close deck cards and discard your sequence sets to play the game.

Touching cards are the surrounding cards of the same suits or ranking sequence set. Touching cards have no such special points in the 13 rummy card game.

How To Play Like A Pro

As mentioned before, arrange your cards in 3 or 4 different sets in pure sequence, impure sequence, and in one or more set sequence. Then discard your card on the table to play the game right.

When an opponent discards a rummy card you needed to complete a set, you can discard your other cards on the table to complete your sequence sets. You reveal those cards in the finish slot and declare your win.

You can declare your game in three conditions:

  1. When you declare your game without a sequence, it is announced based on a similar ranking or suit.
  2. When you declare with a pure sequence, your cards have at least one pure set of sequence among other sets of impure or one or more sets.
  3. Declaring the game with two sequences, one sequence involving a pure sequence set, and another set must include a joker to declare your winning call.

When you have all your 13 rummy cards in sequence sets, you can call a declaration meaning you won the game as you are the first to complete the sequence series.


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