Life is all about lessons. When it comes to love, it has taught many valuable lessons like ‘’Letting go of expectations’’, ‘’It has no room for jealousy’’, ‘’It’s about sacrifices’’ etc. From where do we take these lessons? Experiences, Situations and Surprisingly you can take it from Rummy. If you are in a relationship or looking for one, you should read these Rummy quotes.

Meaning: When you play rounds in Magic Rummy, you may lose a few rounds. When you play again and again, without losing hope, you start winning.



In a relationship, there are good times and hard times as well. So, If you are fighting, remember it’s a hard and temporary time, It’s not the end. A real relationship has fights, tears, arguments, and love.


Meaning: While playing in Magic Rummy, you learn tricks, tips through challenges. A Tough opponent is a great teacher and you take chances to beat them.



Each relationship brings its own challenges. So, If you think giving up is the solution, then it’s not true love, partners have to understand each other and take chances and efforts to bring back the good times.



Meaning: When we play magic rummy, we sometimes make silly mistakes, but we correct them in the next round by not repeating them.

We are not perfect, we make mistakes. If you have made mistakes, do not hesitate to say sorry, correct your mistakes. One positive gesture can change everything for good, just like one shuffle, shuffle it for good! Then see the positive results.



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