As I was playing online rummy with my cousin, he asked…



Well, this got me curious, and I took a deep dive to understand the mystery, the history behind the face cards – Jack, Queen, King in every Playing Deck.




What are face cards?

Out of 52 cards, 12 cards are kings, queens, and jacks – also known as face cards. They are called face cards as they carry faces. On every suit, there are 3 face cards. We have 4 suits in one deck so it’s 12 in total.

Junior most is Jack, followed by Queen and then the supreme of all, is the King. Doesn’t this remind you of the Caste system and Patriarchy.

Well, in the game of Rummy you can see elements of equality and fairness. How? Because each of them has the same value, which is 10.



Do face cards represent real people?

Interesting fact, they are old as wine and the answer to the question is YES!

Back in the 15th century in Europe, These picture cards were manufactured, they were interesting and gathered attention because of the creative arts.

Card lovers loved spreading out the rumors that those characters belonged to the monarchs from the Tudor times of France. Historians do not agree with this. According to them, the makers of cards in medieval times did not have any official design, hence, they were not based on real people. The cards only represented the dressing sense and accessories of the royals of Europe.



According to the theories presented by scholars, The face cards may depict real kings, queens of a particular time. However, the caricature varied significantly from place to place. The printers chose their preferences and choices for face cards.

Just like in the 16th century, Britain and France represented Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, and the biblical King David on the king cards. Queen cards had pictures of Athena the Goddess, Rachel, the wife of biblical Jacob. Here comes the worst, the Spanish and German decks removed female figures from their card decks.


Activity Time

Interesting right? Let’s do an interesting activity. Let’s make our face cards. I want you to choose the character of your preference for your face cards. The character can be from your family member or any series or idol.

For example, I will choose my sister for the queen card because I think she is such a diva.

Comment down below your characters with a reason. 



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