You might have played various kinds of interesting card games. Today we are going to tell you about the simplest one, 3-2-1. This game is one of the most popular card games. 3-2-1 is the game of skill which means the performance is based more on your thinking skill than luck by chance.

3-2-1, the countdown to your victory or defeat

3-2-1 Drop is a simple card game that only uses three-card hands.

The dealer distributes six face-down cards to each player. The game requires 52 cards (1 deck). This game aims to make the best hand with a minimum of 2 rounds.

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we played the hand

What is the best and worst hand in this game?

Have you ever played Teen Patti? If yes, then this game will be super easy for you! Do you remember this?

If you don’t know to play Teen Patti then you have to memorize these hands.

In the first round, we play with three cards. In the second round, we play with two cards. The third card is treated as an imaginary or wild card. In the third round, we play with one card, the other two cards are treated as imaginary or wild cards.


Player one discarded three cards (A K Q of diamonds). Pure Sequence

Player two discarded three cards ( 5,3,2 of diamonds). Color

The winner of this round will be Player one because the Pure Sequence is the higher hand than the color.


Player one discarded two cards ( 4 of clubs, 3 of spades).

The third wild or imaginary card will be 2 of clubs.

These three cards are making sequence or run.

Player two discarded two cards ( A,2, of hearts).

The third wild or imaginary card will be 3 of hearts.

These cards are made in pure sequence.

The winner of this round is Player 2 because Pure sequence is the higher hand than sequence (run).

The Third and Final round

Player one discarded A of spades. The other two wild or imaginary cards will be A of diamonds, A of clubs or hearts.

Player two discarded 2 of spades, the other two wild or imaginary cards will be 2 of hearts, diamonds, or clubs.

Both have discarded Trail but the winner will be player one because player one has discarded the highest-ranking card

In this game, Player 1 has won 2 rounds out of 3 rounds, the winner is player 1.